Justdial Scams & Looting Himachal’s Business Owners

JustDial Scams & Looting Himachal's Business Owners

Before I start this blog, I want my audience to know that this JUSTDIAL REVIEW is unbiased and no intention to harm any employee working at JustDial. Nor any of the competitors paid us. This is solely our own personal experience and the experience of users who tried justdial in Himachal Pradesh.


If We had the option to give 0 stars or even the negative of stars, We would have given that also.

If anyone reviews that the Justdial is a very good company or shows the positive face of Justdial, then he or she must have been paid by Justdial to do so. We are very disappointed with Justdial services. It is totally cheating, makes false promises, and have no ethics. 


It is not Justdial; it should be named as Fraud Dial. We do not know why Amitabh Bachchan is associated with something that works to loot hard-earned money.

Justdial Sales Executive

Beware of those executives who tries very hard to convince you to buy a plan from Justdial and after that goes missing. If you wanna try to (MAKE SURE TO TRY FOR ONE MONTH, DO NOT FALL FOR YEAR TRAPS)


But wait. There are no mistakes in their sales executives. They have been forced to generate leads as been done in all companies. After all, the Sales team is the root which helps the company to grow.


We (Digitalwebdia) have been a victim and have suffered this problem. And you know the best thing is that no one cares in Justdial. Literally, NOONE, Even they do not listen to their executives, If somehow the sales executives trying to help consumers, the company ignored them as well. We are very disappointed with how they treat their customers.


As you all know digitalwebdia is Himachal’s No.1 Digital marketing agency and we have clients of all over India. We got 100s of calls from Justdial and we finally managed to have a meeting with 3-4 executives of Justdial.


They pitched us, and they promised us that the business of ours would be on the front page, and I will also get a lot of responses. I trusted them, and at that very moment, We became a helpless lamb who is going to be cut by them.


We continue the fraudulent incident of Justdial. We want you to be aware of how Justdial works and what do they sell.


Justdial is Scamming Himachal Pradesh Businesses

Cost per lead model- Mostly services categories like laptop repairs, pest control, Packers movers, RTO services, Municipal services, interior decorators, and 40 odd categories. The service providers have to buy leads packages. The leads are distributed among 4–7 competitors. 


One has to be very proactive, best price, prompt services. One who pays more gets the First Position and the same with other orders.


We are a digital marketing agency. So we expect leads related to digital marketing but they send leads for Internet Provides, Repairing Centers, Placement services, and what not? A complete irrelevant to our business. Which is super annoying and frustrated to deal with irrelevant clients.


This did not end here, We asked them for a refund, they told us that they do not have any refund policy. And after calling them for 10-15 times they ended up by saying they cannot do anything. Just FU*KOFF!

The matter looks so simple but it is not.


Stop Paying to Justdial.com In Himachal Pradesh

Justdial is making fool of people who knows nothing about Internet Marketing. How many people use Justdial to search for a Barber, Restaurant, Healthcare, etc where there is Google which is offering everything for free and more precise.


They sell their packages of 8000 INR – 80000 INR by making sure that your small business gets leads online which never happens.


These types of services are beneficial where the public and vendors are aware of there consumers. But in Himachal, the use of Justdial is simply USELESS.


Comment down below and tell us how many of you actually relay on Justdial to find local shops and vendors?

Instead of paying 8000 to a Company that never gives you a business of a single penny, you just need to spend the money on market your business locally which will be more beneficial for all of you.


We are having our Profile on Justdial with 138 votes and we never got a SINGLE CLIENT from their platform. Yes, you read it right. Not a single client.


Even though we are dealing in the industry which rules the internet and people takes digital services more often rather than buying a Pizza or order a barber on Justdial.


Justdial.com is a Fraud

We are a very small company but we at least care for our customers and if somehow we fail, we simply initiate a partial refund of the money. we know that they will delete our listing from their website and to be honest, we do not even care about that.


But, We WANT YOU ALL HIMACHALIs, Kindly do not fall for their rat traps. They will kill your pocket on the name os ECS. And there are plenty of videos and reviews available on the internet about Justdial ECS Fraud.

We have added all the videos at the end of this article, you can watch them as well.


The goal of this article is not to defame them as a company but a message to justdial that we will not let you spoil our Himachal Pradesh audience in the name of India’s Number 1 Local Search Engine.


You might be the best in Chandigarh, Delhi, Mumbai but you are worst in Himachal.


We have already exceeded the 1000 words but if you have any queries related to your business growth and want to generate real sales simply drop a call to digitalwebdia. We, As a startup help everyone out there to establish their business online for absolutely FREE. Of course, we charge for our services but not for the false hopes.


The positive response from you will be very appreciated.


We never posted such articles or blogs but this time their customer support treated us very badly so as we are doing.