[Dr Vivek Bindra] World’s Largest Sales Training Webinar 100 Minutes 100 – Full Sessions

[Dr Vivek Bindra] World's Largest Sales Training Webinar 100 Minutes 100 - Full Sessions

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If you missed Dr. Vivek Bindra World’s Largest Sales Training Webinar 100 Minutes 100 on 31 May 2020. Then don’t worry, we have prepared notes for all the strategies and sessions that Dr. Vivek BIndra speaks about.

He mainly focused at digital growth and if you are someone who wants to skyrocket your offline business or want to improve existing online business then feel free to contact us anytime.

World’s Largest Sales Training Webinar 100 Minutes 100


  1. Nail Value Proposition.
  2. Lead Scoring. (Grade your Leads)
  3. Average Handling Time. (Less AHT)
  4. Purchase Action Ratio.
  5. BANT Sales Technique (Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline)
  6. Community Partnership.
  7. B2B MEDDIC Sales Technique (Metrics, Economic Buyer, Decision Criteria, Decision Process)
  8. MLM and Direct Sales. (Idea, Action, People, Process Man)
  9. Research before reaching. (Twitter, Website, Need Assessment)
  10. Psychological Ninja Technique (Anchoring Technique, Confirmation Bias, Rhyming Effect, Peak-End Rule, Loss Aversion, Survivorship Bias, Decoy Effect)
  11. People buy emotionally and justify rationally. (Greed, Fear,
  12. Assign top reps to high-value territories. (Perto Principle 20% to 80% sales)
  13. Jab, Jab, Jab Hook = Hook (Give give give and at last ask)
  14. SPANCO (Suspect, Prospect, Approach, Negotiate, Close, Order)
  15. Renew old relationship
  16. Outreach your potential customers.
  17. Follow up ka bhuut. (Very often Followup)
  18. Backward close approach.
  19. Brick & Mortar to Online. (DIGITAL)
  20. Social Media is no more social – Its commercial.
  21. Landing Page Is Landmark.
  22. ROI Free tools. (Instapage, Convertkit)
  1. Track competition online.
  2. Social media KPI
  3. Online Reputation Management. (ORM)
  4. E-Mail Marketing.
  5. E-Mail Funnelling.
  1. Flip your Marketing Budget.
  2. Sales Closing Technique
  3. Conditional Negotiation
  1. Report Building.
  2. Insight and discovery question. (SPIN MODEL, ARC & PAS MODEL, CROPA MODEL )
  1. Trust Signal (THINK MODEL)
  2. Product Demo (Puppy dog Approach)
  3. Now or never close approach. (Take away close approach)
  1. Soft-close vs hard close approach.
  2. Kill objection in Advance.
  3. 70/30 Rule.
  4. Landmine approach (value edge report)
  5. Summary close approach (FAB)
  6. Hard to get approach.
  7. Quality close approach. (ARTISIAN APPROACH)
  8. AAAFTO (Always Always ask for the order)
  9. 3 V’s Approach (Verbal, Vocal, Visual)
  10. Focus on WIIFM
  11. My name is sweeter to me than honey (Sharma ji aayiye aayiye strategy)
  1. AIDA sale technique (Impulse Technique) (Attention
  2. SILY HYPNOTISM (Story, Instant Laughter)
  3. Middle One Approach. (Sell Recommended Products)
  4. Discounting Strategy.
  1. Loyalty Member Discount.
  2. Try before you buy it.
  3. Seasonal and Promotional Discount.
  4. Volume Discount.
  5. First-time shopper and Early bird discount.
  6. Flash Sales Strategy.
  7. Discount for a special group.
  8. Store credit and Subscription credit.
  9. Discount on social media.
  10. Bundled Discount.
  11. Brand Advocacy Ratio (Marketing)
  12. PR Strategies
  13. Influencers Marketing
  14. Consumer Research
  15. Marketing Communication.
  16. SPICE
  17. Clear sales message.
  18. Storytelling for recall.
  19. Powerful magnetic heading
  20. Anticipatory Content.
  21. Case study-based selling.
  22. Stock Management.
  23. Expiry Management.
  24. Rack Management.
  25. Sales is not equal to cash.
  26. Chatbots for Businesses.
  27. Art and Science of feedback form.
  1. NPS is a loyalty score.
  2. Grievance Management.
  3. First, call resolution.
  4. Turn Around Time.
  5. Industry Associations
  6. Generating passive income.
  7. Competition Analysis.
  8. Contact center to scale.
  1. Tools & Technology
  2. Network effect helps you to grow your business.
  1. Aggregators model.
  2. Word of mouth advocacy.
  3. Incentivize your employee.
  4. Provide Payment Options.
  1. Sales Contest.
  2. Revenue Strategy.
  3. Affiliate Program.
  1. Offer a bulletproof money-back guarantee.
  2. Product Performance.
  3. Employee Performance.
  1. IBC (Independent business consultant)

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