MilesWeb’s Unmanaged Cloud VPS Hosting: Best for Self-Managed Hosting in 2021

Have you hosted your website on a shared server currently but not able to manage the increased traffic now? You have landed on the right page because it’s time to upgrade to VPS hosting.

Why does this matter?

No doubt most website owners select shared hosting at the start. As the business grows and requires more resources and functions, you might need to upgrade to a better hosting plan.

You can start simply by launching a basic website with cheap shared hosting on your online journey. If you are starting with a small website that needs a small amount of resources and is targeted for less traffic, shared hosting is enough.

For example, a WordPress site that gets 200-300 visits per day won’t outgrow your shared server.

However, as your website will grow, your hosting needs will grow too.

After some time, your site may demand more and will display the signs to upgrade your web hosting. VPS is the most preferred solution after shared hosting. It is really just better in terms of resource management and enables you to run more advanced scripts plus offers root access.

When to Switch to VPS Hosting?

  • You can switch to VPS if:
  • You require complete control on the server such as root access and the ability to customize configurations and installations.
  • You want to have privacy, improved security, and better performance in comparison to shared web hosting.
  • There is high traffic on your site regularly or you start running out of resources.
  • It takes too much time for your site to load – if your page loads after 4-5 seconds, you should surely switch. You can know more about your site’s performance with the help of Google webmaster or Yslow tool.
  • Your online store that was started with few products has grown to large number.
  • Your website is suspended by the web hosting provider due to more usage of server resources.
  • You want to install particular software and need higher level of permissions as compared to that allowed by your shared hosting plan.
  • In case your site includes plenty of heavy multimedia contents such as videos and files to download.
  • Your application needs lot of resources to use.
  • In case you are receiving huge traffic with high uploading and downloading activities and this leads to downtime on your website.

Are you technically skilled? Can you manage the server and other technical stuff on it? Then MilesWeb’s unmanaged cloud VPS hosting plans are the best to go with.

MilesWeb Introduction

MilesWeb is popularly known for its customer support and high performance hosting. Started in 2012, they are serving over 20,000 customers with different types of web hosting services offered by them. They offer shared, reseller, VPS, cloud, WordPress and dedicated hosting solutions. They are an independent web hosting company and have won several awards for their performance, security, customer support and reliability.

Unmanaged Cloud VPS Plans

MilesWeb’s Unmanaged Cloud VPS Hosting: Best for Self-Managed Hosting in 2021

Features of Unmanaged Cloud VPS Hosting

Multiple Choice of Operating System: MilesWeb’s unmanaged VPS offers wide range of operating systems that to deliver better performance and reliability. You can select one that is best for you and the installation will be done by their team. They offer operating systems such as CentOS, Fedora, Debian and Ubuntu.

Select Your Control Panel: The control panel enables you to manage your websites, databases, emails and much more easily. You get cost-effective and industry-leading control panels such as Plesk, cPanel and Webuzo for managing your VPS.

Cloud-Based VPS: Since their VPS plans are based on cloud infrastructure, you get to experience the flexibility of cloud server as well as the power of a dedicated server. You get the desired performance for your website/app with their cloud VPS hosting plans.

Enterprise-Grade Hardware: They have built their VPS server with the latest enterprise-grade hardware for better performance. Moreover, their servers use SSD technology and Intel Xeon Processors plus 128GB of RAM per server.

Solid-State Drives: The servers comprise of inbuilt SSDs that deliver finest performance for your website. Because SSDs contain no moving parts, they are extremely powerful and fast. These dives use flash technology to improve your page load speed.

SSH and Root Access: SSH and root access allows you to get complete control over your VPS environment. You hey full root SSH access with their unmanaged Linux VPS hosting plans.

Resource Monitoring Dashboard: Using the simple and easy-to-use dashboard, you can monitor memory usage, check server status, reboot VPS and manage other server configurations of your VPS.

Host Unlimited Sites: You can set up multiple virtual servers under the same account. This allows you to host multiple websites on each of your virtual servers.

Instant Provisioning: Your VPS account is setup immediately after your order is placed. You won’t be kept waiting for hours or days for getting your VPS account ready with MilesWeb’s unmanaged VPS.

No Setup Fee: They don’t charge you for setting up your VPS account. You only need to pay for the plan that you have select and they will setup your VPS account instantly.

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MilesWeb’s unmanaged VPS hosting plans are the best if you looking to upgrade from shared hosting to VPS hosting and are technically skilled. You will need to take care of the server and technical stuff if you upgrade to unmanaged VPS hosting plans.